Foreign rights : She by Éléonore Cannone
published in January 2007

- first novel -

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What the press has to say :
"This first novel which reads as a tangy fable deserves special notice."

"An adventurous narrative style, a dash of fantasy, a zest of provocation and... some odd crabs, such are the ingredients that make up Éléonore Cannone’s very dynamic novel."

Backcover text :

That evening, when he got back home, gripped by an all-consuming lucidity, Jerome was seriously considering about being done with it all. Fated instinct of self-preservation. He was feeling utterly queasy. He was dying from a lack of love and dreams, from a lack of first necessities. (...)
− One last wish, Jerome?, the last beat of his illusion asked him.
− To eat squid with ink.
On that, She decided that the Opportunity had presented itself. She would have to be quick and keep Jerome from putting his plan into action, that is, to eat squid with ink and do himself in. Check for the squid, she was going to handle that. For doing it also. After. She just hoped that she hadn't waited too long, that Jerome hadn't been contaminated. To the point where he could not longer believe it. Where he could no longer count on it. Where he could no longer see her. Her and the squid. To the point where he could no longer do her. Not the squid.

Pitch :
This short fable, tangy and poetic, has the charm of a waking dream. It is the story of a surreal and abstract love between an anxious young man, stuck in a life that he must endure, and a young woman who appears one night in his kitchen. Beyond this encounter, the novel speaks to our relationship with work in an ironic tone.

Author :
Éleonore Cannone was born in 1971. After winning her fight against the crabs, she wrote She, her first novel.