Foreign rights : Proud to be Whores by Mistress Nikita and Thierry Schaffauser
published in February 2007

- politic essay -

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What the press has to say :
"This book is as original as it is important in the history of the fight against violence and discrimination in France."

Pitch :

Written by two prostitutes who are behind the activist group "Les Putes” created in March 2006 and the “Pute Pride” in Paris, the work denounces first what the authors call “putophobie” (or a phobia of whores).
Replying to different prohibitionist laws, but also to abolitionist associations’ reasoning, the authors argue in a concrete way the question of why these different components must be analyzed as part of the same sphere, that of “putophobes”. The authors bring us next to the issues of gender and, after deconstructing right-thinking, come to a single conclusion: one cannot oppose feminism to whores, because a whore feminism does and must exist.

The authors :
Mistress Nikita, 47
She has three children and 32 years of experience in a profession despised by some and adulated by others: whore. For those that are looking for a reason: yes, she’s a foster child. But, lest they be mistaken: her adoptive parents were marvelous. She is also an engineer, has been the CEO of a consulting firm and is a photographer.
Why whore, then? Because at age 15 she had her first client, because sex is an essential component of her life, because she likes getting pleasure and making people happy. Being a whore is more than just the physical act: for Mistress Nikita it’s an art of living. She is a liberated woman and she likes her profession: prostitute.

Thierry Schaffauser, 24
A sexworker perhaps simply because first of all he loves men. He loves sex and considers prostitution an artistic performance, according to the thinking of Grisélidis Réal, one of the pioneers of the movement starting in 1975. He started out walking the streets at the Porte Dauphine square on Bugeaud Avenue in the 16th district.
As an activist, he fought first against homophobia and AIDS with Act-Up. Thierry Schaffauser then met Mistress Nikita with whom he went to the European Sexworker Conference of Brussels in October 2005.