Foreign rights : Nel by David Olivier & Emilie Béchat
published in february 2007

- illustrated album ; 3-6 years old -

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Pitch :
Nel is not a ladybug like the others: she has no spots on her back. Nel goes up to other ladybugs playing together who do have spots. And, day after day, it’s the same story: because of her peculiarity, Nel can’t seem to make new friends.
This book, which encourages the acquisition of the days of the week and of numbers, deals with the questions of difference and the perception of others.

Author :
Born in Flers, France in 1980, David Olivier wrote his first story at age eight. Since then, he has continued to write tales for children. His vocation as a young professor allows him to be in touch with his primary readers.

Illustrator :
Born in 1981 in Paris, Emilie Béchat, with a passion for graphic arts and design, decided to expand her horizons and take up children’s book design in May 2006.