Foreign rights : Meetings at the Top by Michael Gama
published in March 2007

- investigation -

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What the press has to say :
"Through side conversations, often the most decisive, complicities are
kept up which Michael Gama details with a certain delectation. (...)
Richly documented."
Le Monde Diplomatique

"Until now, nothing serious (...) had been published about these clubs for leaders. Michael Gama cracks open the door to them."
Alternatives economiques

"The book’s merit (...) is to have been able to go beyond appearances to deliver, over the course of 170 pages, a sensitive and dispassionate outline of these meetings."
Le Temps

"It's to the credit of the work by the mysterious 'Michael Gama' (...), to have endeavored to untangle myth from reality (...), privilieging a rigorous and dispassionate approach."
Les Echos

"The author shows how, beyond formatted speech, the elites attempt to steer the course of the world in the way of their own interests. Disturbing."

Pitch :

A place that can bring together European commissioners, heads of international institutions like the WTO, the World Bank or the IMF, bosses from multinationals, politicians from the left and the right, chief editors from large media is indeed rare. Poorly known by the general public, the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission bring together periodically and in the utmost secrecy, « on a private basis », important people from the entire world, who hold the highest positions in their respective sectors. « World rulers », « world government »... these nearly secret meetings are the focus of all kinds of fantasies. But what really happens, who are the participants and with what aim do they meet?
Michael Gama was able to talk with several participants of these meetings and gives us, here, the research material and the results of this unique investigation. We discover the rationale and the operation of these mysterious groups as well as the people making up their memberships. Behind our societies' democratic pretention and the pretext of the common good, the game of personal interests and power conflicts is revealed.

Author :
Michael Gama (Mathieu Garrigues's pseudonym), a social anthropologist by trade, is the editor of L'Altiplano publishing.