Foreign rights : Lunar Day by Emmanuel Olivier
published in January 2008

- graphic novel (one-shot black and white) -

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What the press has to say :
"Lunar Day is first of all an atmosphere. A black and white in which shadow and light seeme to battle for the upperhand, matched with a chaotic story, in perfect adequation with the graphics. Emmanuel Olivier tells of solitude, illness, madness, with an almost everyday simplicity and an expressionist trait that grabs the reader. (...) Black dominating white, white trying to overcome black. A heavy silence. And a sinuous, random plot that mixes dream, thought, fantasy and reality to a point where, at times, the story takes on supernatural airs. (...)
The intelligence of the cut-up and the force of the atmosphere that come through these pages is convincing. First album edited by the editor L’Altiplano, first work by a young author, Lunar Day meets the challenge in being noticed, thus revealing an author to be followed and an editor who is clearly original."

"Author – and complete author – of a graphic novel for the first time, Emmanuel Olivier delivers an anxious introspection, that adopts a languid yet oppressive rhythm all through this one-shot."

"A fearsome introspection."

"A stressful and oppressive atmosphere."
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Pitch :

In his nightmares, he catches fire or sees flower pots falling from the sky, crushing young women. And nightmares are something Thomas has more and more often. He arrives at work late more and more often also. Something that earns him a few problems. Until the day when he explodes.
The reasonable grip of madness, through the exhaustion of the tarnished and stressful everyday life of an office employee, will prove freeing.
Since changing lives, Thomas’ dreams are more serene. But do they really come true? This graphic novel can be interpreted as a form of personal realization of living in a world difficult to understand.
This vision of society is served by a certain dream quality. Because, with Thomas, reality and unconscious activity are closely linked: the graphic novel, thus, gives more than its due to the surprising daydreams and halluciantions of its protagonist.
With stylized black and white graphics and a dynamic cut-up, this graphic novel’s atmosphere delivers truly cinematographic sequence shots and easily plunges us into a truly unique universe.

Author :
Emmanuel Olivier was born in 1983. After some experimentation, he took the leap into the world of comics during his studies at the art school of Epinal. Currently in search of a job, but hardly convinced by the process, as common as it is, he too is asking himself if he still has the right to believe in his dreams.