Foreign rights : "Death to Democracy" by Léon de Mattis
published in February 2007

- political essay -

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What the press has to say :
"In his essay, Léon de Mattis goes beyond the sterile debate that would remain on the “elections = fool’s trap” level. Here it is the democratic principle itself that is attacked."

Pitch :

The author, once a candidate for a large political party in an election, will have learned the lesson imposed by the experience: he will never again take part in any vote of any kind. In this brief essay, he explains why.
The tight and argued critique of the different modes of voting, of the campaigns in favor of registering to vote or of the theoretical foundations of democracy themselves will seem like a true scandal in the eyes of the defenders of law and order. But it’s not only a matter of being polemical.
“Death to Democracy” intends to show that submission to the State and the passiveness maintained by the democratic devices are not fated, and that an anti-hierarchical and anti-authoritarian denouncement has become a necessity.

Author :
Léon de Mattis was not an anarchist at age twenty. Politically engaged in a left-wing party, going so far as to run in the municipal elections on the party ticket, he forged, from this sad experience as an exemplary citizen, a conviction which has never been contradicted: elections are a fool’s trap and democracy is the enemy of freedom. Léon de Mattis has taken part in no other elections, as a candidate or a voter, since 1989.