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L’Altiplano is a new generalist French publishing house launched in January 2007, which publishes graphic novels, essays, investigations, novels, documents, personal stories, children’s books...

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Available titles

Novels :
She by Eléonore Cannone

Lost in the Hospital by Riwoal

Little and Nasty by Blaise Gauquelin

Investigation :
Meetings at the Top by Michael Gama

Essays :
Proud to Be Whores by Mistress Nikita and Thierry Schaffauser

"Death to Democracy" by Léon de Mattis

The Lesbian Manifesto by Pauline Londeix

Narrative :
Work Hazards Ahead by Géraldine Sivade

Graphic novels :
Lunar Day by Emmanuel Olivier

Children's book:
Nel by David Olivier and Emilie Béchat